Financial Crime and AML

In Assurance

As a proactive contracted type of service,  our end-to-end approach is designed to provide a full analysis of the potential fraud risks that your organization may be exposed to and help you work toward combatting these risks. 

What EY can do for you

As a reactive contracted type o service, we will conduct investigations based on our methodology which aligned with that as per leading practice published by COSO and ACFE. Our team with extensive experience conducting similar assignments will work towards identifying the gaps and to define the framework to fit your company`s type of operations in order to help you make decisions and be compliant with local regulations.

We use a tried and tested phased approach to ensure an effective transformation that meets compliance with regulatory requirements and international leading practice

We will be using proven EY tools and methodologies to expedite this engagement to ensure minimal disruption to company operations and personnel.

Our team combines global leading practices with regional knowledge and experience.

We have a good understanding of your industry and local regulatory requirements

We have experience of working with large global and regional companies in various industries, including telecommunications, sovereign wealth funds, education, oil and gas and real estate to help identify fraud risks and address gaps in their fraud risk mitigation plan.

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