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From investigation, to litigation and regulatory response, EY Cyber Response professionals help organizations navigate through complex cyber attacks.

What EY can do for you

From incident response, to forensic investigation, to litigation and regulatory response, EY Privacy and Cyber Response professionals assist organizations to fight and prepare against complex cyber-attacks.

EY teams have assisted companies in responding to a range of cyber incidents, including personal identifiable information (PII) data thefts, business email compromises, ransomware attacks and credit card theft.

EY teams combine cybersecurity and IT forensic experience with traditional investigative approaches, including interviewing witnesses, interrogating data, and examining physical and digital evidence to uncover all facts pertaining to a breach.

EY consultants can help organizations develop incident response frameworks that are supported by appropriate policies and technology so that data protection and privacy compliance is achievable and sustainable in the long run. 

Our services

  • Cybercrime Investigation

    Cyber Incident Response: Handle the aftermath of a cyber attack in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

    HUMINT collection & investigation: Traditional investigative approaches, including interviewing witnesses, cross-check correlations of facts and support in government engagements

    Digital Forensics: Find computer related crime evidence from digital media like a computer, mobile phone, server, or network.

    E-discovery: Collecting and analyzing electronically stored information in response to regulatory, fact-finding or legal demand.

    Data-Analytics: The extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive models to drive decision and actions

  • Cyber Response Maturity Level Assessment

    Incident response gap assessment: Evaluate the current level of Cyber Response Resilience capability, identifying gaps and measures to take to fill them. 

  • Cyber Response Readiness

    Incident response methodology: Develop a complete Incident Response plan tailored on the client’s specific environment along with incident response workflows 

    Training and Table-Top Exercises: Provide training sessions for existing incident handling workflows and post incident evaluations

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