EY OpsChain Tesseract: Blockchain integrated mobility platform

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EY OpsChain Tesseract is a blockchain-powered platform supporting new mobility businesses built around fractional ownership of vehicles, multimodal transportation integration and new investment models.

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The mobility revolution is well underway. Emerging technologies, changing consumer preferences, unsustainable vehicle usage and sector convergence are forcing players across the automotive and transportation value chain to transform the way they operate in order to stay relevant.

In a world of integrated, on-demand, personalized and autonomous transport, EY helps players across the value chain address these challenges:

  • With urban personal vehicle ownership declining, who will own and operate mobility assets such as autonomous vehicles, shared buses, charging infrastructure and commercial vehicles?
  • With integrated A-to-B mobility, how do you provide a seamless journey for the customer? How do you integrate data, payments and experiences?
  • In a “many-to-many” world of mobility provision, how do you establish mutually beneficial commercial models and create trust between different parties?

EY OpsChain Tesseract is our blockchain-based platform designed to support an integrated and autonomous future of mobility. Single vehicles, fleets and other transport services are available on the platform. Vehicles and trips are digitally logged on the blockchain, and transactions are automatically settled between owners, operators and third-party service providers through a single-source, usage-based payment system.

As participants on a single platform, multiple stakeholders such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mobility and transport companies, and cities and infrastructure providers, among others, will have the opportunity to create new value and revenue streams.

See how it works in this animation: 

The platform promotes fractional ownership of assets through scalability without balance sheet impact, and it helps secure fleets and drive crowdfunding. It can also help with electric-vehicle disaggregation through pooled leases of batteries and payments across OEMs and energy and fleet operators. It also addresses mobility-as-a-service issues such as payment integration, cyptocurrency and asset tokens (“mobility coin”).

Our team of professionals, along with EY OpsChain Tesseract, can help you address complex business problems, build better mobility businesses and futureproof your company.

Learn more from John Simlett, EY Global Future of Mobility Leader, as he discusses the platform:

Press Release

EY helps Block2 build a blockchain-based solution for small and medium businesses to manage supply and demand across trade industries

LONDON, 4 NOVEMBER 2019. Block2, an Australian start-up focused on peer-to-peer resource management, has selected EY to provide software and services to build their newly released 2Mota solution, a blockchain-based peer-to-peer marketplace to help Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) manage their supply chains more efficiently.

4 Nov 2019 London GB Barbara Burgess

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