EY Attractiveness Survey Romania 2020: How to reshape Romania through investment?

Date: November 25th   |   Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Foreign direct investments have been pushing Romania’s growth for more than a decade now, in recent years accounting for almost half of EU’s GDP. In 2020, a new challenge emerged at a global scale: COVID-19 changed the rules of the game, forcing countries and businesses to adapt to the new conditions and to ensure continuity at all levels. 
The role of FDI in Romania’s economic recovery and transformation will be crucial. For this to happen, decision makers must grasp what it means to be an attractive FDI destination post-COVID-19. 
EY Attractiveness Survey Romania is designed to help foreign businesses with reliable insights to make sound investment decisions, as well as help public institutions to remove barriers to obtain growth. During our launch event, the powerful insights of our latest FDI study will be presented for the first time. 
Following the release of the results, high representatives from the Romanian Government and the EIB, together with top level executives from foreign companies will discuss the results and assess current opportunities, challenges and issues that Romania faces along the path towards economic growth and improved FDI attractiveness. 


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