Aaron Bean
Embracing Life Sciences 4.0 by leveraging technology to create platforms and services, combining data and finding new ways of contracting will enable life sciences companies to deliver better health outcomes and experiences for patients.

Aaron Bean

EY UK Life Sciences Commercial Lead, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate about providing better health outcomes by crafting and providing new services, experiences and ways of contracting.

Aaron leads Ernst & Young LLP commercial life sciences services in the UK working with leading companies to help transform their business and contracting models to deliver better outcomes for patients, healthcare systems and life sciences companies globally.

Aaron has worked extensively across all commercial, marketing, medical and market access functions to help deliver better value propositions, engage with customers in a more impactful way and drive commercial improvement.

He is a published thought leader on the future of Life Sciences and commercial excellence.

How Aaron is building a better working world

“Increasing the ‘health span’ of people so they can live long and happy lives is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society today and one that healthcare systems everywhere are struggling to afford. Helping patients live healthier lives, prevent diseases, get diagnosed faster, receive the best treatment and care and manage their conditions to maximize quality of life is what motivates me, and I am incredibly proud of the innovative and ground-breaking work EY is doing in this area.”

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