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    COVID-19 enterprise resilience checklist

    Millions of people are adjusting to a new working rhythm. Many are now physically returning to an altered workplace.  Some are working long hours remotely while balancing increased responsibilities for the care of loved ones. But all are having to manage health risks while reinventing how we work. EY checklists and insights help you navigate the now, next and beyond of managing talent through the pandemic.

    Key considerations

    Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) should focus on enabling business continuity and crisis management.

    • Enable and support teams as they lead through crisis, engaging resources for safety and crisis management
    • Deploy workforce planning to support short term contingency; leverage modelling tools to assess cost savings options
    • Review business travel patterns and support ‘stranded’ colleagues in transit and globally mobile colleagues and their families
    • Assess global BPO and service provider disruption supporting people processes (e.g. Payroll)
    • Review and accelerate virtual collaboration and new ways of working; redesign training to a remote model
    • Deploy virtual in-house communication channels and hubs for employee Q&A’s; health and wellness programs
    • Deploy remote work pulse surveys to gauge sentiment and productivity leveraging analytics tools  

    CHROs should focus on leading through ongoing business disruption.

    • Identify critical functions, roles, processes and skills and gaps exposed by virtual working
    • Assert greater accountability for all employees (including contingents) and leverage technology to upskill and reskill colleagues where capacity has changed
    • Financial and risk modelling of optimal workforce capability and actions
    • Develop the business case that will change the trajectory of the HR function forever; learn from the past and build for the future
    • Explore the marketplace and leverage existing technology to reimagine how work is done in the future
    • Assess your operating model blueprint to challenge the traditional model
    • Understand new travel restrictions and impact on colleagues and operations
    • Payroll tax involvement for new taxing jurisdictions and location tax impacts

    Transform to succeed.

    • Bring total talent planning, talent brokering and workforce experiences to life for all employee types
    • Exceed business case commitments and use data to demonstrate the people impact on the business value chains (top and bottom line)
    • Upgrade the capability of your teams and move colleagues and work as needed to enhance service experiences and value
    • Incorporate agile and digital talent upskilling and reskilling into your learning strategy
    • Stand out as an agile organization that is exceptional at anticipating and deploying service enhancements at speed
    • Implement new products and services to emphasize HR as a critical enabler of people value and business outcomes
    • Evaluate facilities needs, including leases, future workspace and fixed asset needs
    • Review and reassess your global mobility strategy  

    Lead through the COVID-19 crisis

    We have a clear view of the critical questions and new answers required for effective business continuity and resilience.


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