Securing liquidity and managing working capital in response to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty for companies across all sectors and geographies. EY teams are working closely with clients to address their individual challenges, including short-term cashflow, debt covenants, tax impacts and accessing government sponsored funding mechanisms, while recommending measures to remain solvent under various scenarios.

What EY can do for you 

Many management teams struggle to sustain good control over short-term cash flows and the working capital that drives them, however the COVID-19 crisis is unique in its combination of challenges making mitigation even more complex.

We have experience supporting the complete spectrum of companies. From organizations experiencing a cash crisis to those looking to protect their business continuity and those looking at how to best engage stakeholders around COVID-19.

EY professionals provide deep knowledge combined with practical support to help clients manage their liquidity challenges including:

  • Bringing cash under central control and visibility
  • Building a portfolio of cash improvement actions and rigorous dynamic cash forecasting
  • Protecting existing hard and soft credit
  • Managing the liquidity impact of disruption between finance and operations
  • Tightening controls around customer exposure and collections
  • Reducing cash outflows through cost reduction and permitted payment delays

We understand that the COVID-19 crisis has posed multiple challenges for organizations everywhere. Our global network has delivered more than US$40 billion of increased cash flow for our clients over the past 10 years. We have experience of building and analyzing cash flow forecasts to either clarify short-term liquidity requirements or help navigate medium- to long-term fund flows.

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We have a clear view of the critical questioins and new answers required for effective crisis management, business resilience and continuity. 

19 March 2020 webcast: COVID-19 and the resilient enterprise: how to lead through uncertainty

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