EY and Anaplan Alliance

The EY and Anaplan Alliance offers clients a comprehensive solution to planning needs that supports both process and technology transformation. 

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Our solutions

Anaplan provides the market-leading, adaptable cloud-based planning technology platform that helps organizations plan, forecast and integrate regardless of industry. EY brings a large global presence, sector-specific services, and deep institutional knowledge of current and target Anaplan clients.

The power of planning

Today's organizations are challenged by digital transformation and disruption from every angle. As a result, they need to shift away from standard planning tools toward flexible, adaptable, and user-enabled planning capabilities. Our alliance with Anaplan will help dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning across all business areas, from finance, sales, and supply chain, to corporate functions such as marketing, human resources, and operations. Ultimately, these capabilities put the power of planning into the hands of every individual at every level within and between organizations

  • Dynamic banking

    The Dynamic Business Finance solution provides scenario analytics that can display multiple scenarios with instant results. This helps organizations identify P&L opportunities, optimize their balance sheet, identify course correction activities, and transform their ability to plan. 

    Product components:

    Advanced scenario analytics and driver-based business analytics platform

    • Customized models to maintain multiple detailed scenarios
    • Billions of calculations instantly replace hundreds of spreadsheets
    • Driver-based connection of finance, operations, credit, and funding
    • Internal and external macroeconomic relationships
    • Multiple scenarios maintained and managed concurrently

    Strategic modeling dashboard, goal-seeker and balance sheet optimizer

    • Input your assumptions easily at the lowest level or the top of the house
    • Dynamic digital boardroom capability provides instant results
    • Goal-seeking capability guides you to do what is required to change KPI's
    • Balance sheet optimization and P&L enhancement module provide guidance

    Foundational scenario analyzer

    • Generic multidimensional multi-scenario model for clients
    • Internal and external driver-based modeling with instant results
    • Action plans validated under different scenarios
    • Easy input of assumptions, automated reports

    Integrated enterprise-wide planning, forecasting, and reporting platform

    • Model multiple detailed scenarios with billions of calculations instantly
    • Replacement for hundreds of spreadsheets and cubes
    • Driver-based connection of finance, operations, credit, and funding
  • Integrated business planning and finance

    The objective of planning and analysis is to deliver information that drives better business decisions and resource allocation. The CFO community can strengthen its value as a partner to the businesses by delivering timely insights to business leaders.

    Driver of Identification of performance drivers

    • Analysis of results with various aggregation levels and vantage points (e.g., business, product, distribution)
    • Trending and attribution results

    Scenario / What-If analysis 

    • Pro forma analysis of potential management actions
    • Examples include: Sales and product mix; divestiture and acquisition; budgeting and re-forecasting; investment strategy; stress testing and scenario analysis of capital actions

    Breadth of information

    • Risk and return outputs or metrics based on business leaders' input
    • Multiple accounting bases to which the company manages
    • Alignment across corporate functions to improve budget and forecast transparency (e.g., Finance, HR, IT, LOB) 

    Timely information

    • More frequent forecasts
    • Shorter reporting lags and near-real-time information
    • Support for off-cycle or ad hoc requests
  • Sales planning and compensation management

    The EY Sales Planning solution supports large-scale, complex sales planning, helping organizations set account-level targets and assign sales representatives to those accounts. Our solution is designed to accelerate implementation by:

    • Enabling planning across the multiple dimensions of an organization
    • Planning against different metrics simultaneously
    • Linking territory planning directly with target setting
    • Integrating the solution into the current system landscape

    EY's Compensation Management solution brings together specific requirements for both sales compensation managers and sales representatives to provide end-to-end control and transparency in the commissions process by:

    • Defining and customizing compensation plans, with the option for multiple plans per role
    • Assigning sales representatives to compensation plans with the flexibility for subsequent adjustment if required
    • Managing performance using real-time data from source systems
    • Presenting accurate calculation of commission pay-outs to sales representatives based on actual performance data to facilitate regular and timely payment
  • Workforce management

    To execute your business strategy, you need to have the right people in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time and at the right price. EY workforce planning solution enables an organization to plan its headcount and workforce-related expenses effectively.  

    • Plan headcount and workforce-related expenses 
    • Pre-seed plan based upon global and departmental level assumptions  
    • Reduce the time needed to plan, analyze and report workforce expenses
    • Provide visibility into detailed employee level expenses and drivers
    • Real-time consolidation of data across departments and integration with P&L
    • Provide a scalable architecture for additional planning functions and related capabilitlies (e.g., open role management, year-end compensation planning, bonus allocation)

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