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Private companies are the engine room of the global economy, whether they are start-ups or market leaders. And there is one thing that is common to all private companies — the need to accelerate growth.

While private companies often have clarity about their financial performance, they sometimes have little idea how they are performing in comparison with private companies in the same industry, revenue range or geography.

Drawing comparisons can allow you to assess your processes and performance measures against leading industry practice, and it can help to establish internal goals, highlight market opportunities and identify competitor weaknesses.

EY’s Benchmarking Analysis can provide insight into a company’s performance by comparing financial and related data from similar organizations. It shows overall performance on key metrics, using top, median and bottom quartiles, and often reveals potential improvement opportunities.

Benchmarking Analysis is an integral part of the EY Private Client Audit Experience, our tailored audit approach for private companies. Explore our insights below to learn more.

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