Foreign Desk Organization

EY Foreign Desk Organization (FDO) offers clients a unique platform that serves as a clear differentiator from competitors by combining and coordinating industry and country desk knowhow in the FDO Matrix, creating a proactive business development approach with a standardized operating model adjusted to local needs and specifications.

Multinational businesses face the challenge of implementing their global strategies and using synergies for efficient operations in heterogenic markets.

Our Foreign Desk Organization in the Moscow office particularly focuses on our international clients with businesses in Russia & the CIS. We practice a pro-active approach, understand the business culture and expectations of the foreign headquarters, and are embedded in local activities, market segments and service lines. Furthermore, we are in close contact with the global EY account teams and can bring input from global trends and best practices back to the local activities.

The EY FDO currently includes the following country desks: Chinese Desk, French Desk, German Desk, Japanese Desk, Korean Desk, UK and US Desks.

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