Photographic portrait of Alexei Nesterenko
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Alexei Nesterenko

EY Partner, Law - CIS Tax Policy and Controversy Leader

EY Partner. Committed to results-oriented cooperation with the tax authorities and dispute resolution out of court. Ice hockey fan. Loves to exercise with his two sons.

Areas of focus Tax Tax controversy
Office Moscow, RU

Alexei has over 20 years of experience serving clients in retail, manufacturing, transportation and pharmaceuticals, representing their interests in dealing with the tax authorities, customs and courts. He has extensive experience advising international and Russian companies on tax planning, tax optimization, operational structuring, business development, international and local deals and current tax challenges. The team under his leadership assists clients in negotiations and disputes with the tax authorities, providing technical advice on documents they should have ready for tax audits and representing their interests in court.

Alexei has an honors degree in Law from the Military University of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

How Alexei is building a better world

“We help EY clients across the entire cycle of interaction with the tax authorities, from pre-audit reviews and identifying potential risks to litigation if no consensus between the taxpayer and fiscal authorities has been reached.

We help minimize additional tax assessment risks and build a robust and efficient dialogue with both field teams and their bosses during tax audits and disputes. 

We deliver visible business and commercial value to our clients.  Our trend-setting approaches also contribute to the overall improvement of tax practices, benefiting the entire business community.”


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