Photographic portrait of Denis Korolev
Effectively combatting corporate fraud in particular and misconduct in general is one of the key factors determining the long-term success of any business and the economy at large.

Denis Korolev

Partner, EY CIS Forensic & Integrity Services Leader, PhD

Expert in fraud investigation, compliance, corruption prevention, and anti-money laundering. Frequent speaker at forensic events. Passionate piano player, world explorer, and fine-art photographer.

Denis has over 10 years of professional experience in providing forensic services to major Russian and international clients from various industries.

For the past five years Denis has led the EY CIS Forensic & Integrity Services practice, specializing in complex investigations of fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other corporate misconduct. Under Denis’ supervision, the EY team of more than 70 forensic professionals also helps clients to enhance their compliance culture and control environment, reinforce ethical business conduct, and resolve disputes.

Denis graduated with honors from the Institute of Public Service at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University and from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He also recieved a PhD in Law.

How Denis helps building a better working world

"While assisting clients in combatting corporate misconduct and promoting business integrity, my team and I are improving the business climate in post-Soviet territories and enhancing zero tolerance towards fraud, corruption and bribery on an everyday basis. Our efforts allow both public and private clients across the CIS region to open up new horizons: to strengthen the trust environment with both internal and external stakeholders, attract capital, and fully realize their potential."


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