Photographic portrait of Gennadiy Shinin
Over the last decade, the global banking community has been undergoing complex transformation. However, it is management-related risks that may bring about more challenges in the next decade.

Gennadiy Shinin

EY Partner, CIS Financial Services Leader

Partner. Leading CIS Banking and Financial Services. Spending all free time with his family. Father of twins.

Gennadiy has over 18 years of experience auditing leading financial institutions, banking conglomerates and banks, both privately and publicly owned, in accordance with Russian and international standards.

He graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance with an honors degree in Finance and Credit, majoring in Banking. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), holds an auditor qualification certificate from the Russian Audit Chamber and is a member of the Russian Union of Auditors.

How Gennadiy is building a better working world

“The CIS Financial Services team comprises over 300 specialists. Joining EY upon graduation from Russia’s leading universities, our people turn into true professionals in five, seven or 10 years, working hand in hand with more experienced colleagues on diverse projects for both the private and public financial services sectors. Personal development and the development of subordinates are key performance assessment criteria for all employees and managers. I am very proud that I have raised a big number of specialists who have made it to manager positions with both our firm and many financial institutions in our country.” 


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