Photographic portrait of Maria Lafer
The key objective is to drive business value.

Maria Lafer

EY Partner – CESA Valuation, Modeling and Economics Leader

Partner. Extensive expertise in valuation. Serving clients in the media and entertainment sector.

Office Moscow, RU

Maria has over 22 years of professional experience in business valuation, growth strategies and in-depth market analysis.

She has a degree from the Ordzhonikidze State Management Academy, a degree in Enterprise/Business Valuation from the Institute of Professional Appraisers, and a degree in Valuation Activity from the International Academy of Valuation and Consulting. Maria is a member of the Russian Society of Appraisers and a certified appraiser in business valuation.

How Maria is building a better working world

Maria believes that exceeding clients’ expectations, improving competencies, increasing team performance on a daily basis and sharing knowledge with clients is key to enabling robust business decision-making and reducing entropy.


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