Tax Messenger archive 2019


Tax Risks Associated with Intra-Group Restructuring and Interest Deduction
25 December 2019

MLI - Entry into Effect
19 December 2019

New Rules on the Treatment of Prior Period CFC Losses
12 December 2019

Property rich or not property rich: that is the question
4 December 2019

New forms of profits tax and assets tax declarations have been approved

28 November 2019

CIS States Initiate the Automatic Exchange of Tax Information
26 November 2019

The Finance Ministry Sees No Conflict between the Tax Code and the OECD TP Guidelines Over the Substantiation of Expenses Relating to Intra-Group Services
22 October 2019

Looking forward to changes: tax policy guidelines for 2020-22
7 October 2019

Key Amendments to the Tax Code – a Brief Summary
3 October 2019

The Multilateral Convention on BEPS Implementation is Now in Force
3 October 2019

The Loss Carryforward Limit: One-Year Extension Decided on for Now
20 September 2019

Treatment of Costs Incurred by Holding Companies for the Management of Subsidiaries
2 September 2019

Form of the Notification of Assets Tax Filing Arrangements
14 August 2019

FTS Issues Guidance on the Application of Beneficial Ownership Rules to   Holding Companies
13 August 2019

FTS Publishes Updated Form of Notification of Participation in Foreign Organizations (Foundation of Foreign Unincorporated Structures)
13 August 2019

Special Investment Contracts – New Rules
7 August 2019

Adjustment of the Parameters of the “Damping Mechanism” in the Oil Industry for the Second Half of 2019 and Subsequent Periods
2 August 2019

Distinguishing between movable and immovable property: the new reality
19 July 2019

Major Tax Code Amendment Bill Submitted to the State Duma
25 June 2019

The OECD Multilateral Convention Will Come into Force for Russia from
24 June 2019

The Look-Through Approach: When Can it be Used?
20 May 2019

Capital Amnesty 3.0
16 May 2019

Federal Tax Service Issues Guidance on the Tax Exemption for Movable Property Received from Related Entities
29 April 2019

Guidance on VAT Rules for Electronic Services Published
25 April 2019

The Federation Council Has Approved Ratification of the OECD Multilateral Convention
23 April 2019

Effective 1 July 2019, taxpayers will be able to deduct VAT when exporting services
19 April 2019

Capital Amnesty 3.0
18 April 2019

IT Companies Continue to Apply Lower Rates of Insurance Contributions. What Next?
17 April 2019

Potential pitfalls: Use of version 5.02 for reports to be filed electronically by 31 May 2019
12 April 2019

Draft amendments proposed by the Ministry of Finance to introduce new taxes in the Tax Code
10 April 2019

Upcoming clarification of VAT rules on e-services
10 April 2019

New Right to Recover Input VAT upon “Export” of Services
9 April 2019

The Finance Ministry Proposes a Raft of Amendments to the Tax Code
27 March 2019

Changes to Withholding Tax and Beneficial Ownership Rules at the End of 2018: What Needs to be Done?
14 March 2019

The Tax Registration Rules for Foreign Entities Have Been Updated
25 February 2019

Ten Jurisdictions Removed from the Tax Service’s Offshore Blacklist
18 February 2019

The Finance Ministry Has Published Guidance on the Mutual Agreement Procedure under Tax Treaties
14 February 2019

Treatment of Profits of Re-Organized CFCs – Must Beneficial Ownership be Determined?
11 February 2019

Finance Ministry Issues Guidance on Confirmation of Tax Residence and Beneficial Ownership Status for Withholding Tax Purposes
1 February 2019

Abolition of Tax on Movable Property: A Detailed Look at the Changes
14 January 2019

Up-to-the-minute information on important developments in labour law, migration regulation and personal taxation.

The requirement for employers to ensure immunization of foreign employees against measles has been extended until 31 December 2020
25 December 2019

New law on electronic record books
9 December 2019

FTS and Rostrud plan joint inspections of civil contracts with self-employed individuals
2 December 2019

FTS and Rostrud plan joint inspections of civil contracts with self-employed individuals
2 December 2019

The Bill on Electronic Work Record Books Has Passed Second Reading
22 November 2019

Insurance Contribution Ceilings Approved for 2020
14 November 2019

Introduction of a voluntary pension savings system
7 November 2019

Immigration registration of foreign citizens in Russia: change of the current law
28 October 2019

List of states, whose citizens are permitted to enter Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast using E-visas, has been published by the Government
16 September 2019

New list of professions not subject to work permit quotas for foreigners
11 September 2019

New forms and procedure for notifying the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation
4 September 2019

New work-permit criteria for highly qualified specialists
14 August 2019

New Procedure for Issuing Permits for Temporary and Permanent Residence in the Russian Federation
8 August 2019

Electronic visas for foreign nationals entering St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
26 July 2019

The list of foreigners who do not need a work permit or patent to work in Russia is expanded
24 July 2019

Transition to electronic employment books
22 July 2019

Russia eases path to citizenship for qualified foreign specialists
8 July 2019

Legislative initiatives to streamline the procedures for foreign nationals to obtain Russian citizenship and temporary and permanent residence permits
10 June 2019

New requirement for employers to ensure that foreign employees are vaccinated against measles
19 March 2019