Working capital management for private companies

Growing businesses need liquidity — whether to fund acquisitions, research and development, or help preserve business during financial distress. 

EY’s Working Capital Assessment service helps you understand how effectively you’re managing liquidity. It helps provide clarity and insights into your overall working capital performance, assessing working capital disciplines and highlighting areas for improvement. And, ultimately, it will serve as a guide as you define priorities, measure potential benefits, and develop and drive your action plan.

We apply a diagnostic that focuses on accounts payable, inventory, accounts receivable and other working capital items through qualitative and quantitative methods, including:

  • Transaction-level data analytics
  • Comparison of current performance with leading practices
  • Interviews across various functions and departments
  • Analysis of processes for managing capital

What you get from EY's Working Capital Assessment is a roadmap that recommends options for securing target benefits  — and those benefits can go beyond quick wins and short-term improvements.

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