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Expanding the digital marketplace

A personalized digital buying experience combines a customer-centric approach with the right integrated back-end processing ecosystems. EY teams can help you build a digital presence, powered by Adobe, that puts the needs of the customer first to earn the loyalty and trust that helps drive revenue.

Personalizing the digital buying experience

Digital commerce has unleashed a new wave of innovation in information, transparency, trust, choice and access. However, creating a simple commerce user experience can be anything but simple.

EY teams help organizations create modern, intuitive digital commerce experiences powered by Adobe — offering e-commerce connectors to accelerate implementation and help companies get where they’re going faster. 

Whether an organization is preparing to enter the e-commerce space for the first time or is assessing whether its current e-commerce solution still meets its needs, EY teams bring deep business transformation experience and Adobe technical knowledge to help leaders evaluate their e-commerce options. We map their current infrastructure and e-commerce needs within a framework that highlights integration with other systems, scalability, customization, maintenance cost and customer experience. 

Organizations have a wealth of data that can enable the marketing function to create a more impactful experience for customers and a seamless journey between marketing and sales. Many are developing strategies to help enable better collection and utilization of key information and more effective conversion from market awareness to sales opportunity to purchase. 

By tracking customer interactions and leveraging the latest personalization capabilities, Adobe’s commerce solutions help provide seamless experiences across web, mobile and marketplace, and yield insights into the customer journey. This data helps enhance the digital buying experience, drive brand loyalty and create deeper customer relationships, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Customers today prefer a streamlined, personalized e-commerce experience. EY teams and Adobe provide solutions that educate the consumer and establish trust, while creating a shopping platform that integrates with your other marketing and resource management software systems. This enables organizations to provide an unmatched customer experience that can result in increased revenues, enhanced client loyalty and reduced sales acquisition costs.

We help organizations integrate their front- and back-office systems, creating a customer service portal that offers online shopping capabilities, enabling more agile, future-ready e-commerce operations. The e-commerce platform is only part of the technology landscape and must integrate with mobile and web-based purchases, retail points of sale, as well as inventory and order management systems. Our proprietary EY tools are tailored to enable seamless, rapid integration of Adobe Commerce with key internal systems utilizing application programming interfaces and other leading solutions.

How EY can help

EY teams have implemented and enhanced e-commerce solutions for global organizations, including: 

  • Commerce implementation and optimization 
  • Portals and web content
  • Commerce security 

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