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Transforming the customer experience

Leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, EY teams help optimize customer experience, analyze customer behavioral data, build customer journeys, and drive targeted outcomes. We do this through aligning desired business outcomes with measurable KPIs, connecting the dots across disparate technologies and creating meaningful data insights. 

The power of customer data

EY teams understand the goal of marketing’s interaction with customers is to be able to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and in the right channel. Leveraging Adobe’s suite of communication, experience, content, and marketing tools, we help clients connect content and data with new and emerging technologies so they can create personalized customer interactions every step along the customer journey.

Many organizations are acting now to capture first-party data and develop trust with their customers through transparency. They are unifying their customer data by building a data foundation to understand every customer as an individual and help deliver real-time, personalized experiences at scale. By connecting tech capabilities and data with business outcomes, the EY-Adobe Alliance helps companies unlock strategic growth.

A personalized approach to the customer journey

In today’s marketplace, leading organizations collect first-party data but often face siloed functions, disparate systems and fragmented data, leading to complex governance and compliance issues. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) can help overcome these obstacles. Coupled with the EY team’s strategic insights and deep experience in business transformation, AEP enables companies to unify customer data and scale their growth potential with better customer insights and compliance across all channels.

Benefits of leveraging customer data and insights through AEP

AEP centralizes and standardizes customer data and content across the enterprise, powering 360-degree customer profiles and robust data governance and compliance. It also enables marketers to leverage first-party data quickly and easily to drive long-term growth.

customer data and insights

Data-driven personalization: Customer success stories

Customer success story: Driving engagement with data-driven customer personalization

A global entertainment giant wanted to use data to drive better personalization, engage its fans and drive growth. EY teams helped implement Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target so the organization could aggregate, analyze and activate its data to help deliver a more personalized digital experience for its fans and achieve better business outcomes.

Customer success story: Navigating data regulations and driving better marketing personalization

A consumer products organization needed to navigate data regulation and reimagine how they would use first- and third-party data to drive personalized experiences. EY teams helped this company manage multinational privacy requirements, safeguard their customer data, and segment and activate the data for greater personalization.

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