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Unlocking the value of your marketing investment

Powered by Adobe’s data, content and commerce solutions, EY teams can help extract greater value from current investments and identify those additional solutions that elevate an organization’s technology and marketing ecosystem.

Realizing value in the short and long term

No matter where you are in your digital transformation, maximizing the value of your investments is paramount. As organizations focus on delivering the digital journey that consumers demand and generating increased engagement to drive growth, it becomes even more critical to unlock value from marketing technology investments. EY professionals, leveraging Adobe’s market-leading technology solutions, help organizations enhance their marketing technology stack to realize short-term value while creating a road map toward continued transformation to meet future needs. 

The first step to unlocking marketing value for an organization is understanding its marketing capabilities and the results it wants to achieve with its marketing technology. EY teams help businesses assess their current-state marketing architecture and benchmark it against a maturity framework to measure how their current capabilities align with their marketing priorities. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in technologies, processes and supporting operations helps enable EY teams to develop a roadmap that provides both short-term and long-term results. Whether an organization wants to generate more customer-driven touchpoints, leveraging Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign, or create a more personalized buying experience with Adobe Commerce, EY professionals can help you identify and integrate the right technologies to meet your needs. The value an organization achieves will be directly aligned to the marketing goals and business outcomes it wants to realize.

Customer-centric investing 

Through better insights, connected channels and improved data quality, EY professionals help companies measure and gain true value from their technology stack. We bridge the divide between marketing and other decision-making corporate functions, eliminating technology silos, and building connected and streamlined processes. Bringing together unified data and integrated technology solutions, powered by Adobe, enables organizations to gain better marketing insights, create more personalized customer journeys and achieve KPIs around engagement and growth.  

Customer success story: empowering a major fast-casual food chain

This organization identified the need to accelerate its digital transformation as a critical strategic priority. The EY team’s capabilities in organizational transformation and experience with Adobe’s technology solutions helped to provide a current assessment of their digital infrastructure. We helped them identify opportunities to enhance their capabilities with Adobe Experience Manager, Target, Analytics, and Campaign, including integration with internal systems, and created a roadmap for implementation, giving them the support they needed to extract value and demonstrate quantifiable success.

EY teams helped the organization:

  • Conduct an in-depth assessment of current capabilities from all dimensions including people, processes, tools and alignment to strategy 
  • Identify unused, duplicative and inefficient tools, technology and processes with recommendations for enhancement
  • Develop a project roadmap aligned to business outcomes to optimize the marketing technology stack return on investment
  • Identify additional technology solutions, including Adobe Experience Platform, to continue to transform the consumer experience and drive revenue
  • Execute optimized implementation of Adobe Analytics and Target programs supporting the overall marketing technology ecosystem, resulting in double-digit returns on investment in annualized revenue

Our teams continue to provide ongoing support and enhancements to the client to help them mature their digital marketing capabilities.

How EY can help 

Your marketing technology is the foundation for gaining consumer insights that enable you to guide the consumer journey and personalize your customers’ experience, comply with their data preferences, and offer content and products that align with their interests. Through better insights, connected channels and data quality, EY professionals and Adobe help clients measure and gain true value from their technology stack.

  • Performance marketing and return on investment
  • Unification and activation
  • Data strategy and governance

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