A photographic portrait of James Matcher
Our children will live in a world that is unrecognizable to us — we are building that digital world for them right now. So let us build fast and let us build wisely.

James Matcher

EY Global Mining & Metals Sector Intelligent Automation Leader and EY Africa Sub Area Intelligent Automation Leader

Transforming organizations with robotics and artificial intelligence. Educator and advocate of digital change. Adventure sportsman. Family man.

Experienced in blending cross-sector business understanding with innovative digital technologies, James leads EY Global Mining & Metals Sector and EY Africa Sub Area Intelligent Automation services. He assists organizations as they enter the digital era through the transformational deployment of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) into processes across the entire value chain.

Leveraging his deep knowledge in consulting for global organizations in process reengineering, advanced data analytics and intelligent automation, James accelerates advanced cognitive integration into the core business processes of his clients.

A well-known public speaker on the topics of RPA and AI, he has written articles for both technology and business media. James currently serves on the Rhodes University Information Systems Advisory Council.

He earned his higher diploma in Accounting as well as his B.Com in Accounting and Finance from Rhodes University.

How James is building a better working world

“We need to embrace the inevitable advent of intelligent automation in our everyday lives, changing the way we work, interact with colleagues and engage customers. But we have to do it ethically and humanely. This is why I am so passionate about demystifying the technology, creating open communication, continuously educating and bringing together stakeholders across the spectrum while transforming the organizations we work for and the world we live in.”

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