Photographic portrait of Kevin Griffith
There is no doubt that implementing IFRS 17 will be a fundamental change. CFOs should use it as an opportunity to enhance the usefulness and efficiency of the finance function.

Kevin S. Griffith

EY Global IFRS 17 Leader

Implementation and Accounting Change Leader for the Insurance industry. Member of the IASB Transition Resources Group on IFRS 17. Passionate about Diversity & Inclusiveness.

Kevin is EY Global Insurance IFRS lead, who is responsible for the IFRS 17, IFRS 9 and IFRS conversion initiatives in the life and P&C insurance industries. 

Apart from being closely involved in industry debates on technical accounting issues, he provides training in insurance accounting, speaks at accounting seminars, writes articles for industry publications, and has been a major contributor to EY thought leadership and responses to international insurance and regulatory accounting developments. 

Kevin helps insurance groups to understand the impact and plan for the implementation, of large-scale accounting and regulatory change.  Prior to this, Kevin was a Senior International Accounting Standards Accountant with one of the largest insurance brands in the world.

He holds an MA in Accounting from the University of Cape Town.

How Kevin is building a better working world

Kevin works with insurers to help implement changes to accounting and regulatory requirements in an efficient way. These result in the production of more transparent information to regulators, shareholders, policyholders and other stakeholders. Making these changes presents insurers with an opportunity to embrace new technologies and make better use of data to understand performance and manage risk.

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