Photographic portrait of Martyn van Wensveen
Smart insurers would treat IFRS 17 as an opportunity to transform their Financial and Actuarial functions to deliver more detailed, accurate and timely finance and risk information to their stakeholders.

Martyn van Wensveen

EY Asia-Pacific IFRS17 Campaign & Finance Transformation Leader

Committed to helping financial sector clients strategically prepare and reshape their finance and risk functions. Ensuring clients can meet today’s regulatory change and performance management agenda.

Martyn has been working in Asia since 2013. Currently based in Singapore, his focus is supporting multiple large insurance clients in Asia with adopting the new accounting standards IFRS 17 and IFRS 9.

Martyn has more than 30 years of international consulting experience, primarily covering the insurance, banking, leasing, real estate, and pension and asset management sectors.

As a seasoned hands-on consultant and regular speaker, Martyn has served more than 60 financial sector clients in Asia, Europe and Africa during his long consulting career.

Before transferring to Asia in 2013, Martyn spent his time in London, Zurich and Amsterdam serving some of the largest financial and corporate sector clients with their most complex finance and risk transformation challenges.

Martyn holds an Sloan Master’s degree from London Business School and a BSc in Business Informatics from the Higher School of Economics in Utrecht, Netherlands.

How Martyn is building a better working world

“I am excited and proud to be involved in a lot of consulting projects in both emerging and developed markets that drive financial transparency and promote broader financial inclusion. Providing access to more meaningful, reliable and timely financial information based on internationally recognized standards ensures there is a level playing field which can make a real difference for our clients and ultimately in people’s lives.

Insurance fulfills an essential need of companies and people to off-load undue risks at a fair price.  Macroeconomic, social and regulatory trends continue to challenge insurers to adapt. I connect insurers with new reporting standards, advanced technologies and optimized operating models, enabling them to offer innovative products and services to meet the evolving needs of their clients.”

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