A photographic portrait of Michelle Unger
Once I started to see what EY had, I was unbelievably impressed. We have more experience than some people realize and it’s exciting to work with smart people who are open to continuous improvement.

Michelle Unger

EY Global Technology Officer – Consulting

Over 20 years immersed in technology at the forefront of AI, robotics and deep learning. Putting tech at the core of EY’s transformation and showcasing how clients can too. Champion of women in tech.

An accomplished business-focused technology leader, Michelle has extensive experience across software, services and solutions. She leads Client Technology for Consulting, guiding clients on optimizing their technology investments, aligned to meeting their critical business needs.

Prior to joining EY in 2018, she held a number of roles at a computer manufacturer, including pioneering work to launch and commercialize a question-answering computer system.

Passionate about promoting the role of women in technology, Michelle holds a master’s degree in Marketing, Management, Economics and Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management.

How Michelle is building a better working world

“In my work with clients, it’s clear to me that technology is one of the key enablers for change, but also one of the major disruptors for companies and markets. I am helping to build a better working world by leveraging trust and strong relationships to drive technology innovations in a much more dynamic way.”

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