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The Organization and Workforce Transformation solution helps you design and implement new efficient models, e.g., customer-centric or agile, to deliver transformation and M&A strategies. Using our proprietary data and AI-driven analytics platforms, we can help you accelerate implementation and deliver value.


Your business challenge

In the face of major market and competitive disruptions, companies are putting in place new organizational models to drive a combination of agility, growth and efficiency. They need to adapt workforces to address opportunities presented by both transformation and M&A. In doing so, they need to address urgent and widening capability gaps in a challenging talent market to remain competitive.

Solution benefits

Organization and Workforce Transformation builds workforce capabilities needed to realize your business strategy by helping implement innovative organizational models. These models deliver the workforce needed today and in the future, by including:

  • Organizational models that are aligned to strategic goals, supporting workforces that are lean, innovative, agile and customer-focused
  • Leading-class organizational models that balance the workforce and technology at the enterprise and functional level, with efficient, lean workforces that are right-sized for strategy and will adapt in line with future change
  • Workforces that are benchmarked against the leading in the market and have the capabilities to compete and evolve

Solution features and functionality

  • Workforce strategy, planning and analytics

    It can be difficult to stay on top of current workforce needs, let alone figure out future needs. Our workforce strategy, planning and analytics solution helps you plan for workforce demand and supply, define the capabilities and structures needed, and include the acquisition, upskilling and reskilling to populate roles. Our capabilities are data- and technology-enabled to drive decision-making.

    • Analyze, model, plan, help implement and track benefits from end to end in a service powered by a proprietary data and technology platform through our EY Organization and Talent Hub
    • Thoroughly assess your current organization and workforce composition, comparing against leading practice for individual functions and roles
    • Model scenarios based on different parameters to examine the implications of future strategies and operating models
    • Create a transition road map and prioritize what needs to happen between now and then to achieve your objectives
    • Track service delivery of the transition and realization of synergy or transformational benefits

    Plan and help implement an organizational and workforce transformation through a single integrated service that incorporates workforce planning, design, talent management and organizational alignment. This includes:

    • Strategic workforce planning: Identify gaps and develop skills and capabilities in the workforce to best meet business and customer needs and to confirm the right number of people with the right skills are deployed in the right place at the right time.
    • Work enablement: Improve productivity by providing the optimal infrastructure, technology, process and resources to the workforce, putting humans at center and helping enable technology at speed.
    • Transition planning: Select which individuals will fill which roles in the organization structure and plan the transition so that resources are developed and deployed in the most effective and efficient manner.
    • Network alignment: Align formal structures and reporting lines with existing proven, productive organizational networks (organizational network analysis).
    • Learning and development: Using EYSpotMentor, an automated intelligence-based platform, identify the health index of a company’s skill inventory and automate workforce upskilling and reskilling.
  • Organization design and transition

    When companies make a workforce change, they can spend weeks trying to envision different scenarios. Our data-driven approach helps accelerate decision-making, planning, design and implementation of operational and organizational models needed to deliver on transformation and M&A strategy, modelling real-time, business and related workforce scenarios, and planning the transition and track benefits. This includes:

    • Operating model and organization design: Review the operating model, including people, technology, process and data and structure to improve the organization’s ability to deliver a greater value at lower cost. 
    • Use insights, benchmarks and design principles to redesign the organization. Plan the implementation support and track realization of the new organizational model, with associated benefits.
    • EY Organization and Talent Hub: Intelligent, cloud-based technology platform pulls current organizational, employee and total rewards data on a regular basis to facilitate organization design and planning. It leverages proprietary algorithms to understand the current workforce and translate forward-looking scenarios into resources needed to deliver on the business strategy. It starts and ends with understanding capacity, capability, composition and cost associated with your workforce. It further helps you to:
      • Develop drag-and-drop visualizations, and support various analyses and detailed cost projection scenarios
      • Model different future state organization and workforce scenarios across customizable parameters, including organizational structure, job family, roles or individual employees
      • Identify potential cost and operating model alternatives to create detailed plans aligned to your financial parameters and objectives
  • Workforce agility

    A longer-term transformation requires development of new skill sets; it can be costly and damaging to morale to lay people off and replace them with new hires. It is beneficial to use scientifically validated intervention techniques to build capabilities, skills and behaviors and reach your strategic goals. With our workforce agility solution, you can:

    • Develop and deploy resources in the most effective and efficient manner by connecting succession and transition planning into the future organization design.
    • Use benchmark and AI-driven insights to identify future skills, assess your current workforce against those needs, and plan workforce skills development both at scale and at the individual level.
    • Improve productivity by providing the optimal infrastructure, technology, process and resources to the workforce at the right time.
    • Motivate the workforce to deliver focused outcomes in the most efficient way; enhance your employer brand and employee morale.
    • Deliver effective, human-centric organizational change, powered by advanced analytics in EY Change Insights, providing rich insights into the impacted workforce to help enable sustainable adoption of the change.


Why EY

The power of EY people, technology and innovation can turn your transformation ambitions into reality. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale form the core of value creation of our Transformation Realized™ approach.

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