EU Green Deal and resilient infrastructure services

Our green development and resilient infrastructure services for the EU can help Europe create a more sustainable future. 

What EY can do for you

A sustainable Europe is one that focuses on carbon neutrality and a circular economy; secure, affordable and clean energy for all; sustainable, integrated and cost-efficient infrastructure, together with resilient infrastructure funding.

Becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent is both Europe’s greatest challenge, and its biggest opportunity. This transition will demand investment in innovation and research, a redesign of the European economy, and a refresh of existing industrial and business policy.

EY can support Europe’s green transition and resilient infrastructure through extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Capital investment and sustainable infrastructure finance expertise (transport, energy, broadband), to support the European Commission with transactions and project financing; and to help Europe pick up speed in reaching its sustainability targets
  • Research and innovation services, to support the European Commission in promoting sustainable business that invests in research and development; this includes setting up and managing funding, due diligence and match-making platforms that target start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • Development of circular economy schemes and smart waste management to identify, promote and implement optimized circular solutions for the usage of secondary raw/critical materials and minimal waste production
  • Quantitative economic and regulative scenarios modelling and predictive analytics  to enable the European Commission to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions
  • Policy-related advisory services, to help the European Commission create policies grounded in evidence and taking the environment fully into account
  • Program design, implementation and evaluation, to support the European Commission’s structural reform program for sustainable, long-term economic growth across every EU member state
  • Program management and technical assistance, to help create simple, effective governance structures for complex European programs and manage them
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement services to help tailor policies to the needs of Europe’s citizens and businesses, and implement them across Europe
  • Managed services for program management, technical secretariat, communications and stakeholder engagement 

Explore the full breadth of our value-led sustainability and ESG services at EY Sustainability.

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