Working capital assessment

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EY’s working capital assessment (WCA) can help growing businesses find cash to fund future investments. WCA looks at how effectively you are managing liquidity and can help target where to release cash from working capital. 

What EY can do for you 

Growing businesses need cash to fund everything, from acquisitions and R&D to working capital itself. Managing your funding structure and risks is so important that any oversights or weaknesses — even a lapse in focus — can negatively affect your company’s overall performance. Having clarity and insights into your overall working capital structure and performance drivers can help create additional value. 

EY’s working capital assessment (WCA) can serve as a guide as you define priorities, measure potential benefits, and develop and drive your action plan. We can apply a diagnostic that focuses on accounts payable, inventory, accounts receivable and other working capital items through qualitative and quantitative methods, including: 

  • Transaction-level data analytics 
  • Comparison of current performance with leading practices 
  • Interviews across various functions and departments 
  • Analysis of processes for managing capital 

To carry out a WCA, your EY audit teams will work closely with our Strategy and Transactions teams and leverage the power of the worldwide EY organization to provide insights that can help drive results to your business working capital. We usually perform the assessment in five steps: 

  1. Perform a detailed diagnostic of transactional data 
  2. Review existing policies and processes to identify gaps to leading processes 
  3. Quantify benefit opportunity 
  4. Validate performance drivers, establish targets and develop insights for improvements 
  5. Produce a findings and recommendations report 

Working capital assessment

Optimizing cash and working capital to drive value creation

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