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The EY Regulatory Compliance Manager is a global, fully customizable regulatory inventory that's enriched, mapped and maintained by a combination of cutting-edge technology and the global EY network of regulatory specialists.


Your business challenge

Regulation is changing – growing in scale, impact and reach. Firms need new, innovative ways of navigating the complex regulatory environment to find new answers to key questions, such as:

  • What rules apply to us? 
  • What is the impact on our business?
  • Are we compliant? 

Solution benefits

The EY Regulatory Compliance Manager (EYRCM) allows you to digitally manage compliance within a shifting regulatory landscape, identifying changes in regulation requiring new compliance, steps required to get compliant and how to monitor ongoing compliance.

EYRCM helps clients navigate and manage regulatory compliance across the following areas:

  • Targeted horizon scanning
  • Enriched regulatory inventory
  • Mapping, monitoring and insights

Solution features and functionality

The EY Regulatory Compliance Manager goes above and beyond existing solutions by focusing on four critical capabilities:

  • A structured, connected and enriched global regulatory inventory
  • Regulatory obligations mapped to a standardized, bespoke EY taxonomy of businesses, risk and control components
  • Continuous horizon scanning to update and inform our EY teams and yours of new regulatory developments
  • Compliance impact, monitoring, testing and assessment when you make changes or need assurance about when, where and how to comply with regulations 
EY Regulatory and Compliance Manager.
Regulatory and business lifecycle

Why EY

The EY technology, business and market experience combined with multidisciplinary teams of advisors brings seasoned capabilities in regulations, risk and controls. EY teams can help you understand not just regulations but also the implication of regulations for your organization.

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