We challenge our clients to take big leaps forward in their thinking and ambition – defining and collaboratively innovating bold solutions that redefine who they are, what customer value they offer, and how they deliver and think differently through new business models – and EY wavespace™ brings this to life.

Alex Hutchison

EY wavespace Leader, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Digital strategist and innovation leader experienced in helping Asia-Pacific clients across sectors with their business transformation.

Alex Hutchison is the EY wavespace Leader in Singapore. He specializes in digital strategy and innovation and is experienced in helping Asia-Pacific clients across sectors to capture the upside of disruption and seize opportunities in their chosen markets.

Alex’s experience includes strategy, technology and digital transformation toward new business models, augmenting operations, and delivering differentiated customer and employee experiences.

He holds a master’s in Business Law, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), and a diploma in Technology Entrepreneurship.

How Alex is building a better working world

"By combining knowledge and experience in strategy, finance, law, digital technology and emerging markets, I work with traditional incumbents,  new challengers and high-growth start-ups to imagine, design, build and run the business models of the future. Managing EY wavespaceTM as a growth and innovation center that helps organizations to discover opportunities and catalyze their transformation allows me to help them build strategies that are relevant for a better working digital world." 

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