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NextWave Private Equity

Join Winna Brown, EY Private Equity Partner and Americas FAAS Leader, as she explores the emergence of NextWave Private Equity and its impact on the economy and society, capturing insights from industry thought leaders and PE practitioners from across the globe.

NextWave Private Equity challenges us to think holistically about the aspiration of the PE industry: a future that is inspired by purpose and transparency, focused on digital transformation, fueled by value creation and driven by an innovative and diverse workforce.

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What 2020 and beyond looks like for global private equity

This episode explores the outlook of private equity and its key focus areas in 2020 and beyond.

Episode 05

18m 26s


Andres Saenz

EY Global Private Equity Leader

Why private equity can endure the next economic downturn

This episode of the NextWave Private Equity podcast reviews the industry’s evolution since the 2008 recession and its position for growth.

Episode 04

26m 16s


Andrew Wollaston

EY Global Reshaping Results, Restructuring and TAS Private Equity Leader