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EY quickly unlocks the value of the available automation tools and technologies to address or eliminate broader business challenges as well as propel continued process improvement and innovation by matching experience and with domain knowledge.

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Robotics and intelligent automation is about providing a comprehensive view of automation, process and service improvement. Rather than looking at how individual technologies can be applied within an organization, it’s about re-imagining how front, middle and back office processes can be transformed to meet customer expectations as they evolve. By combining techniques and technologies to re-engineer and automate processes, EY helps clients achieve speed and efficiency, reduce errors and risk. The way work is performed today is going to be very different from how it will be performed tomorrow as robotics and intelligent automation become part of the fabric of the future workforce.

Automation does not change what organizations do, but it can help them accomplish goals in efficient and sustainable ways.

As a leading name in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation deployment, EY experience is grounded in the organization’s own extensive use of robotics and intelligent automation. EY quickly unlocks the value of these tools to address or eliminate broader business challenges and propel continued innovation by matching experience with extensive domain knowledge.

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