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Accelerate supply chain transformation across all your planning and product lifecycle management needs with EY teams’ proven transformation methodology, bringing resiliency and sustainability to your organization.

Embrace an autonomous future

EY teams can help you transform away from a rigid, linear approach to planning and PLM and toward networked ecosystems on the path to an autonomous future.

Leverage AI and machine learning

The future of planning and PLM is a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, where systems detect, interpret and resolve problems autonomously, in collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Transform your planning and PLM

Transform your end-to-end supply chain with the help of EY teams, leading to improved efficiency and lower costs, increased resiliency and agility, and higher customer satisfaction.

Your business challenge

Organizations face a multitude of pressures on their products and supply chains, including volatility and disruption, inflation and rising supply chain costs, evolving customer demands and talent shortages. Organizations are asking themselves:

  • How do we set up our supply chains to navigate future disruptions?
  • How do we move from being reactive to proactive in planning?
  • How do we effectively collaborate with suppliers and customers?
  • Are we innovating in a way that adds value?
  • How do we ensure our organization is an attractive place for talented people?

Solution features and functionality

Accelerate supply chain transformation and meet your planning and product lifecycle management needs with the help of EY teams. We include resiliency and sustainability in our approach, and leverage EY proprietary tools from our Supply Chain Intelligence Platform (SCIP) to gain richer intelligence and insights and to help enable continuous improvement of your supply chain. 

  • Supply chain planning strategy

    EY teams use a variety of approaches, including qualitative and quantitative maturity assessments and leading practice design templates, including:

    • Supply chain planning and PLM assessment
    • Planning and PLM strategy definition
    • Supply chain segmentation
    • Resiliency in planning and PLM
    • Sustainable planning and PLM

    Benefits include:

    • Improved efficiency by identifying bottlenecks
    • Cost and service optimization by segmentation
    • Cost and inventory reduction
    • Increased resiliency and agility
  • Supply chain planning design

    EY teams help you plan for the future through:

    • Integrated business planning (IBP) to bring together all parts of your business, including finance, sales and supply chain
    • Inventory management and optimization to determine the appropriate level of inventory to meet customer demand without adding unnecessary costs to the business
    • End-to-end planning transformation to improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness

    Benefits include:

    • Increased visibility of the end-to-end supply chain, leading to improved efficiency and lower costs
    • Higher customer satisfaction due to product availability
    • Improved operational efficiency (forecasting and execution)
  • Planning and PLM tech transformation

    EY teams help you to improve critical capabilities across advanced and multi-enterprise product lifecycle management, decision and plan alignment, and scenario financial impact management.

    To improve your operations, EY teams can either collaborate with you to transform planning and PLM or provide it as a service.

    Benefits include:

    • Increased profitability through optimization
    • Greater accuracy in demand and supply plans
    • Improved customer perceptions of reliability
    • Faster speed to market
    • Improved visibility of supply chain scenarios
    • Increased collaboration and cross-functional integration (operations, commercial, finance)
  • Product lifecycle and management

    EY teams help you create, launch and manage your products across their lifecycle using complexity management, ideation, portfolio management, product launch, product development and vertical line startup.

    This includes a rapid assessment to understand your strengths and weaknesses and to highlight any gaps. We then work with you to help create, launch and manage products more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved business performance.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduced time to market
    • Reduced cost of launch
    • Increased speed to profit
    • Increased supply chain resilience
    • Reduced waste and improved inventory management for phase in and phase out
Businesses who are thriving in times of disruption are those who recognize the importance of building supply chain resilience.

Jocelyn Hallum 

EY Global Supply Chain Transformation, Planning and PLM Transformation Solution Leader

Why EY

The EY organization is continuously recognized as a leader in the supply chain space by independent researchers. Our global reach and capabilities in supply chain include more than 4,000 personnel worldwide, and we have invested heavily in acquisitions and will continue to do so to expand our capabilities.

Alliance relationships

The EY ecosystem includes mature relationships with a number of key technology players in planning, PLM and supply chain management.

Our unique alliance with P&G connects you to a supply chain powerhouse and gives you the benefit of market-leading insights and capabilities, and a suite of proven solutions.

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