Photographic portait of Nadia Woodhouse
My passion for the boardroom is grounded in my strong conviction that the leaders of purposeful organizations will transform the role of business in society to serve all stakeholders.

Nadia Woodhouse

Associate Director, EY Global Center for Board Matters, EYGS LLP

In service of people and the planet. Community builder. Yoga teacher. Human and heart centered. Believer that we can do well, by doing good.

A strategist, writer and activator, Nadia is the EY Global Center for Board Matters strategy and operations lead. Her role at EY brings together the latest thinking for global boards, and shines a light on boardroom trends, risks and opportunities to help them create long-term value.

Nadia started her working life as a chartered accountant and pivoted to pursue her passion for sustainability in 2012. Her client base spans mining and metals, energy, financial services and the non-profit sector. She has worked with start-ups, social entrepreneurs, B Corporations, held non-profit board roles and, most recently, spent several years providing reporting, assurance and social impact services in the EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services team.

Nadia holds an MA in Environment (Climate Change) from the University of Melbourne and undergraduate Finance and Commerce degrees from the University of Western Australia.

How Nadia is building a better working world

“I truly believe business can be a force for good in society. I am a passionate speaker on the subject and, through my work with B Corporations and in sustainability, have spent time advising organizations on how to measure and improve their impact. I believe a human centered, diverse and inquisitive approach to solving our greatest challenges is fundamental.”

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