How to use sustainability to build an enterprise

In this episode, EY’s Chris Hagler and Cox Cleantech's Vice President Steve Bradley discuss the importance of sustainability in a business. 

Corporate sustainability has seen an evolution – a focus on philanthropy transformed into reducing consumption and now a way to manage risk. Some companies are now taking their approach to sustainability to the next level by using ESG opportunities to grow their business.

This podcast episode features Cox Enterprises, which created Cox Cleantech to invest in and acquire businesses that create positive environmental and social impact. By focusing business growth on key ESG topics, Cox is supporting the environment and local communities, while positioning itself to reach its ambitious business growth goals.

Key takeaways:

  • Determine the business’ vision of growth – consider aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, major world challenges and areas facing critical impacts by climate change. Commit to an in-depth understanding of the areas of focus to determine the opportunities to grow the business.
  • Leverage the capabilities of the organization. For areas of focus that seem very different from obvious core competencies, creatively look at the current capabilities of the business.
  • Optimize investments for impact. A diverse business needs both companies that have outsized impact based on capital requirements, as well as companies that have a more linear impact from their capital.
  • Get experience and momentum by making investments in a risk-adjusted way that fits the business.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available. Read the transcript.


Season 3, Episode 1

Duration 40m 56s

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