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30 Mar 2020 Bangkok, TH

EY Thailand measures against the spread of COVID-19

Measures against the spread of COVID-19 and measures to ensure the wellbeing of EY staff

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EY Thailand

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In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak and Thai government advice and decrees, EY Thailand has been taking a number of measures to support prevention of the spread of COVID-19, protect the well-being of its staff, and ensure the continuity of its provision of service to clients.
For a number of weeks now, these have included limiting face-to-face meetings, curtailing foreign travel by our staff (both business and personal), restrictions on visitors, regular disinfection of the workplace and frequently updating our staff on best practices for preventing infection and limiting the spread of the virus, including pre-emptive self-isolation for anyone who meets any of a wide range of at-risk criteria. In line with government guidance, we have also rapidly moved to implement plans for all staff to work remotely when possible, while using EY technology to ensure teams remain informed, connected and able to provide the services our clients need, to the greatest extent possible. 
As of today, the vast majority of EY Thailand staff are working from home, while essential staff who remain at the office observe strict measures to prevent any infection, including double temperature checks before entering the office space and social distancing once inside. 
For fuller details of our measures, kindly use the download link in the left column.