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1 Mar 2022 Bangkok, TH

EY Thailand Consulting Services launches Business Pulse Survey 2021 Thailand report

Key findings from the EY Business Pulse Survey 2021: Thailand Report - Living with COVID-19 and winning together

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COVID-19 has catalyzed new challenges and amplified enduring gaps for companies. Although businesses have proven to be resilient through the past two years, they must continuously develop to capture the opportunities ahead. 

As Thailand shifts strategy to learning to live with COVID-19, EY Thailand Consulting Services rolled out the EY Business Pulse Survey 2021, aimed at assessing the preparedness of Thailand businesses in adapting to the new normal.

The survey canvassed nearly 1,500 business leaders and C-suite executives in Thailand while the pandemic is ongoing, with the report reflecting the views of 101 respondents in a range of business sectors. 

Companies have encountered a convergence of environmental, financial, and social constraints, forcing management to set new plans and find new ways of running business while living with COVID-19 and winning together.

Key insights include:

  • Customer is the top area in which businesses have been negatively impacted. 49% of business leaders identified customer issues such as loss of customers and more customer complaints is a key challenge they are facing.
  • Employee wellness will be the top priority to live with COVID-19. 65% of our respondents identified improving employee wellbeing as their top priority area in the next 3 – 6 months.
  • Digital technology is the top priority for companies moving forward. 78% of business leaders say that digitalization is a strategic plan for their business.


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