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EY.ai Maturity Model: your path to AI transformation maturity

We can help you strategically plan to close GenAI gaps, develop an efficient roadmap, and responsibly harness its capabilities.


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To build an AI-enabled organization for the future, you have to understand your current AI capabilities. As the potential of AI grows, enterprises will need to transform; understanding your business’s current state and quickly identifying opportunities to improve will be crucial differentiators.

The EY.ai Maturity Model is designed to help your organization visualize its current Generative AI (GenAI) maturity across seven dimensions and provide recommended actions to get you to the next level. It only takes 15 minutes to complete the assessment and receive your personal output report. An EY team can also work with you to evaluate current levels of GenAI adoption and help equip your leadership with a clear understanding of current capabilities versus target future state.

EY teams can help you foster the strategic planning needed to bridge GenAI gaps, develop an efficient GenAI roadmap, and prepare to responsibly harness GenAI’s transformative capabilities.

Understand your current GenAI capabilities


Explore an extensive view of your organization’s GenAI strengths and weaknesses, so you can set accurate AI growth targets fundamental for transitioning into an AI-centric business.

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Uncover and bridge strategic gaps


Identify GenAI improvement areas and access a roadmap that helps you develop capabilities, channel resources and facilitate productive AI adoption.

Develop a sustainable competitive advantage


Prepare to exceed norms, improve processes, evolve services and create an enduring competitive edge.

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