How to create an early warning system for operational resilience

In this webcast, panelists discuss how corporations can increase visibility of their systems and processes to improve operational reliability.

Many factors affect service delivery — from technology, to facilities, people, and more. In isolation, any one of these factors may not result in a crucial service failure. However, in aggregate they may result in a perfect storm.

How are enterprises monitoring the input from an array of sources such as internet of things sensors, third-party data, government databases and other systems to manage operational disruption? How can companies create an early warning system to see disruption on the horizon and quickly respond to mitigate risks and help avoid service outages or redirect supply and production? When companies have this kind of visibility inside and outside their operations, they gain the flexibility to respond quickly to events and help keep their systems reliable and available.

In this webcast, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Developing continuous monitoring capabilities for weak/strong signals to analyze potential incidents and their associated impacts
  • Leveraging business service continuity plans for critical service monitoring
  • The art of the possible for scenario analysis and testing
  • Systems and applications for decision support including real-time notifications and alerts
  • How to organize and automate data to reduce disrupted services — for today and tomorrow


  • Deborah Byers, EY Americas Sector Leader; Partner, Ernst & Young LLP


  • Brian Moore, EY Americas Technology Transformation and Trusted Intelligence Leader; Principal, Ernst & Young LLP 
  • Regenia Sanders, EY Americas and US Central Region Supply Chain & Operations Leader; Principal, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Steve Yon, Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP 

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