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We can help you innovate, commercialize and scale by bringing together proprietary forecasting tools, a focus on outcomes and a series of key innovation principles — driving confidence and accelerated speed-to-market in a disruptive era.

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Urbanization, changing consumer expectations and emerging digital technologies are driving modes of transportation and mobility experiences that, not long ago, would have been seen as impossible. These possibilities exist alongside unprecedented disruption and uncertainty — whether because of the pandemic or just a reflection of how our world has evolved.

This sets the stage for a new mobility ecosystem and the need for agility, flexibility and resiliency, enabled by immense innovation. New business models within the transportation sector can be centered around offering consumers transportation-as-a-service and new mobility experiences instead of building and selling assets. Success will depend on how well companies address this shift — at unprecedented speeds — and face the fundamental and related challenges:

  • Invest in emerging technologies and innovation in a productive and agile way, producing a strong return on investment
  • Address consumer problems by designing for the future
  • Achieve the required speed from idea through to scale

1. EY Mobility Lens Forecaster

EY Mobility Lens Forecaster, our proprietary toolset developed with the Hubble data science team, aims to rectify this disparity through neural network capabilities, in which many data sets are united to tease out impactful relationships similar to how the human brain operates.

As a result, this model can forecast future vehicle registrations, parc and vehicle miles traveled through 2050 in the crucial US, Europe and China markets. Yet it also allows our clients to view how powertrains, ownership, and driving will evolve across the same time horizon. Alternate potential scenarios are also built into the model to offer insights across different possible outcomes concerning regulatory developments, technology evolution and other factors.

2. The EY Mobility Lens Consumer Index

This new piece of research closely examines consumers’ journey patterns across three key travel segments: work, leisure and entertainment, household and social. What new mobility habits are being formed — and will they become permanent? How far will we have to rewire our assumptions around urban mobility as a consequence?  Our index aims to answer these questions in nine important countries.

These tools are combined with our deep understanding of new technologies and our diverse network of cross-sector players and asset-based approaches. Let our team show you how to commercialize new businesses and future-proof your organization with confidence.

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