Strategy and M&A survey results: Global Capital Confidence Barometer

Our new global Strategy and M&A survey finds that while COVID-19 has created new vulnerabilities and unforeseen challenges, executives are looking forward to a totally recast and reset competitive, economic, geopolitical and social environment. 

Lessons learned from this global crisis are emboldening executives to make deep, far-reaching changes to fundamental aspects of their businesses. COVID-19 has led to an even greater focus on transformation, and companies now plan not only to restore performance but also reframe their futures for an improved post-pandemic world. And many are opting to transform through M&A. They are seeking to acquire innovative startups and tech-enabled competitors to get even closer to their customers and enhance the digital channels that have proved vital for leading companies in the lockdown recession. 

The strategic reset coming out of this crisis is firmly focused on a new growth agenda. It also provided a clear view of how to get there — reset, realign, restart. 

Discover the 2021 Strategy and M&A survey insights and learn why M&A remains an important tool to fuel faster growth in a recovering market.

    Global CEO Outlook: January 2023

    Our survey finds that Global CEOs are split on the impact of the global economic slowdown.

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