Today’s early-stage startups are tomorrow’s large corporates. If you reach out a helping hand today, they will come back to you as the first-choice advisor when they’ve grown into a robust operation.

Oleksiy Imas

EY Ukraine Startup Accelerator and Innovations Leader

Bringing corporate approach to the startup eco-system. Focus areas: innovations, fundraising, high-tech, mentoring. Passionate about space exploration, music and future of tech.

Areas of focus Innovation Digital AI Disruption

Focusing on setting up the Accelerator service offering, Oleksiy is the Startup Accelerator and Innovations Leader at EY Ukraine.

He is responsible for validating and promoting business models that allow EY to bring added value to early- and mid-stage startups in terms of fundraising and business development, and large corporate clients in their attempts to embrace and capitalize on the culture of innovation.

Over a decade ago, Oleksiy worked in Strategy and Transactions at EY Ukraine, responsible for M&A and corporate finance services. In-between, he worked for investment banks and M&A firms and acted as an advisor to several Ministers and heads of governmental agencies on a range of issues from agriculture to international relations to privatization. 

Oleksiy is a frequent speaker at public events. He has a BSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science and a MSc in International Economics from the Kyiv National Economic University.

How Oleksiy is building a better working world

"I am an avid supporter of the concept that in order to capture and unleash the real potential of the innovations-focused workforce, the eco-system has to be built and based upon fundamentals: entrepreneurial education; higher education facilities acting as innovation hubs, sponsors and enablers; focus on products reaching markets rather than repeated fundraising for the sake of virtual valuation growth. I’m a frequent speaker at public events on the above, and I’m building public discussions on the future of the eco-system upon these concepts."

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