How EY collaborated with the NHS to set up a new field hospital

17 Dec 2020

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17 Dec 2020

In response to COVID-19, EY teams have collaborated with the NHS in the North West of England to help provide vital healthcare services.

This video article is part of the EY UK Annual Results 2020.


n March 2020, in the face of extreme operational, clinical and logistical challenges caused by the pandemic, EY was engaged to provide vital support and advice to the NHS. We worked at pace to help deliver an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) which expanded capacity to meet high predicted demand for medical care in the North West of England. 

Over a 14-day period, EY supported the NHS to deliver three main objectives:

  1. Designing and delivering an Emergency Operations Centre to manage and coordinate a new Field Hospital.
  2. Co-designing a robust governance framework for the NHS team – in place from day one of the hospital becoming operational.  
  3. Providing expertise to the scoping, mobilisation and project management within – and across – five operational functions: Emergency Operations Centre; Operations; Information & Analytics; Workforce; and Clinical Model & Safety.
Beyond the global crisis, the collaborative relationships formed and the critical solutions developed on projects like these can be used to help the NHS – reframing the future of health care for the better.
Michael McCourt
CEO, NHS Nightingale Hospital NW

Ian Williamson, Project Lead for NHS Nightingale Hospital North West, told us: “EY brought not only a knowledge of how to set up field hospitals, but also knowledge of how to set up an emergency operations centre that brought together key players in the most efficient and effective style.

“EY’s support was integral to our success, the methodology unified all parties to achieve a highly ambitious goal’  


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS needed to provide vital healthcare services in the UK in the face of extreme challenges. EY supported the NHS over a 14 day period, working across operational functions to design and deliver an emergency operations centre to manage and coordinate a new field hospital.  Our performance over the last financial year has meant that we are well placed to help businesses and government in the UK to respond to a uniquely complex and challenging environment. 

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