Video transcript: Life at EY - Diva Bhagi, Assurance apprentice

Duration: 02m 44s | 17 December 2020

What is your role at EY?

DB: I am currently a second-year school-leaver working in government public sector audit. We work with governments, healthcare services and higher education. That role on a day-to-day basis might involve client meetings to run through walkthroughs or testing and sampling, for example. 

What do you most enjoy about your role?

DB: I've definitely enjoyed working across a variety of clients, whether that's working in the government sector, working with higher education or healthcare services. 

How has work life changed for you since the pandemic?

DB: Work life changed quite significantly. We went from working the majority of our time on client site - about 80% the time - or if not in the office, to working [from home] full-time, and with that there have definitely been positives and some challenges that we've faced.

What have the positives been?

DB: Yes, there have been quite a few positives. I've saved a lot of money on travel and also on time, which has meant that I've got a bit more time to revise for my exams, and also I can spend some time cooking or going on a walk. So that's been good as well.

What have the negatives been?

DB: I think the main challenge that we faced is, I guess, going from being in the same audit room on client site, or within the office being able to just go over to your senior or team and to ask a question. But we've overcome that challenge with the use of video conferencing platforms. It's not the same as face-to-face contact, but it's definitely a good mitigating measure. 

How does it feel to be in the very early stages of your career right now?

DB: I feel very fortunate to be able to have a secure job at this uncertain time and to be able to progress on with my qualification remotely, as well as continue to work on engagements. 

How are you and the team keeping spirits high?

DB: My team has hosted a couple of lockdown quizzes and socials during this time to keep us connected, which have been quite enjoyable, a nice break from work and lots of fun.

Have you engaged with any of EY’s networks?

DB: Earlier in the year, I attended an EY Women's Network event, which was around the time of International Women's Day. Four speakers came in and shared their experience and their career journeys, and it was quite interesting and inspiring to hear about how they've progressed on with their careers, especially for someone like me who's just starting out.