Commodities Markets Overview

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As commodities markets change at an unprecedented pace, businesses need to adapt to continuing commercial, financial, regulatory and technological progress.

The implementation of the right tools with the right expertise will see those organisations that evolve the fastest become industry leaders, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate towards the key drivers of creating and sustaining value.

We have global teams dedicated solely to servicing commodity trading organisations:

  • Two Commodities Markets centres of excellence, situated in London and Houston

This global reach means we have the commodity trading skills and experience where you most need them. Wherever you are in the world, we can provide the right professionals to help you reach your goals.

Our core teams include industry professionals who have worked in the front, middle and back offices of leading energy and commodity trading organisations, including: Traders, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, systems specialists and finance specialists.

Our Commodities Markets teams provide a broad range of advisory and assurance services across the major commodity classes to a large number of leading energy and commodity trading organisations across multiple asset classes and markets.