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    We recruit on strengths and how you can apply these to the world of work. Here’s a guide to what we look for when meeting new candidates (you might be surprised by how many of these you already have). But it’s not a definitive list. Above all, we’re impressed by candidates who are authentic and honest in their answers.
    • Accountable

      Working on your own project or in a successful team means taking personal responsibility for delivering on your commitments. Taking ownership and being accountable for your tasks helps you to achieve these effectively. 

      How to demonstrate your accountability strength:

      • Try to take ownership of appropriate tasks and actions, assuming full responsibility for delivering on what you have promised to do. 
      • Recognise the importance of your part of any process and how everything ties together. Being responsible for something means making sure you get it done.


    • Adaptable

      The constantly changing world of work means employers like us need people who have the ability to adapt to new situations and to use their creativity to find innovative solutions. These people are usually highly motivated and have a real sense of responsibility. They don’t let obstacles stand in the way of doing a job well.

      How to demonstrate your adaptability strengths:

      • Think of an example of a challenging situation that you helped solve. Don’t forget to highlight some of the obstacles and what you did to overcome them. And don’t feel shy about showing how proud you are of your work.
      • Show your positivity. Frequently, a positive attitude is the best tool you have when facing multiple obstacles. 


    • Agile

      The need to constantly learn and develop has never been more important. The ability to grasp new concepts quickly and apply this learning immediately ensures the best possible outcomes for our people and our clients.

      How to demonstrate your agility strength:

      • Think about the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. Then efficiently acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to deliver these outcomes. 
      • Once you have learned what you need, apply your learning effectively and immediately in order to meet your goals


    • Analytical

      People who are open minded, hungry for knowledge and will actively learn new ways to do things are highly valued by us. They’re also usually great listeners and can analyse information quickly. This ability to be analytical means they can not only draw conclusions from information, but can also apply it to their work.

      How to demonstrate your analytical strengths:

      • Always make sure you listen to the question – and ask your own questions if you are unsure. This means that when you do give your answer, it will be to the question that has been asked (not the one you think has been asked).
      • Talk about your interests and the ways you go above and beyond to continue learning, whether that means through education or hobbies. Discuss how these interests have helped develop your work and you!


    • Curious

      The importance of continuous innovation and creativity are key for the future of work. New approaches to complex problems are what sets us apart from the crowd and differentiates us as one of the top global professional services firm. It allows us to remain at the cutting edge of delivering solutions for all our clients.

      How to demonstrate your curiosity strength:

      • Be interested in everything. Constantly seek out new information and learn new things at every opportunity. 
      • Consider what you're naturally inquisitive about and how you seek out answers to these things.
      • Ensure you are asking timely and informed questions that really get to the core of the issue.


    • In the Know

      We’re a global company that works across industries and sectors, so having people in our teams who have an affinity for current affairs, global trends and market activity is very important. Today this extends to staying attuned to technological innovations, too, as we pride ourselves on offering our clients the best tech solutions for their needs.

      How to demonstrate these strengths:

      • Reference articles or events that relate to our business. This could be anything from a new technological innovation or a regulatory change that might affect the way we work.
      • Look beyond generic topics and show us you understand the ways global events affect our work, or, how our work can effect global change.


    • Numbers Savvy

      We see numbers as a language which, when understood, offers great value to our clients. This means we look for people who understand and interpret numerical information in a wide range of formats. They’re also able to use this strength to derive insight from this data, to solve problems and make recommendations. 

      How to demonstrate your numerical strengths:

      • While most of our numerical capability assessments are done online, it’s definitely worth thinking about the ways you’ve worked with numerical data in the past and how you’ve use it to determine your approach or your answer to something. Have these examples to hand in case a relevant question comes up.


    • Resilience

      Everyone faces challenges in their lives.  How we tackle these challenges is important and having a positive attitude in overcoming obstacles.

      How to demonstrate your resilience strength:

      • Try to frame difficulties in a constructive manner and remain focused on achieving results. 
      • When you are under pressure or facing change, stay committed to reaching your goals through a positive outlook. This determination will help you to overcome your obstacles.


    • Strong Communicator

      This goes beyond being a strong verbal and written communicator. It’s the ability to adapt your communication style based on your audience and distil complex information into simple terms. This strength is highly valued by us because it means you’re able to work with a variety of people.

      On top of this, we look for people who also have the ability to inspire confidence and build trust in others. This is usually seen in people who make a point of delivering on their promises in a clear and professional way.

      How to demonstrate your communication strengths:

      • Clearly articulated information and answers demonstrate that you’ve thought about the best way to share the information for your audience. When you have to answer a question, don’t rush your thoughts. Give yourself time to think, in both verbal and written assessments.
      • Think about times you’ve had to navigate a variety of situations at work or school, and the ways clear communication helped you overcome obstacles.


    • Team Player

      A team that works well together, delivers great work. So we look for people who naturally build their own networks, who find common ground with others and who listen to their friends, mentors and colleagues in order to broaden their own knowledge. And as we celebrate different ways of working, we also look for people who are as happy working collaboratively online as they are in person.

      How to demonstrate your collaboration strengths:

      • Think about a work or school experience where you’ve positively worked as a team. Identify the goal, how the team achieved the goal and what role you played.
      • If you’re taking part in a team assessment, listen so that you clearly understand the task and what your teammates can offer. Then make sure that you contribute positively – without dominating the conversation – and consider your teammates expertise.


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