3 minute read 11 Nov 2021
Izzy Assurance EY in Hull

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3 minute read 11 Nov 2021

Since leaving college, Izzy decided to kickstart her career and experience what EY has to offer. From attending Discover EY in London to the Business Academy in Edinburgh, Izzy decided to join the Assurance apprenticeship programme at EY in Hull and enjoys every moment of it. Read Izzy's story below.

Iheard about EY through my college teacher. I found out about the Discover EY opportunity which is a one-day experience programme. It then led me to the EY Business Academy which was a week’s paid work experience which at the time, I did up at EY in Edinburgh. This then led me to a final interview with a partner from the Hull office.

My role

I check and inspect all the financial information for an extensive range of clients, from large oil and gas clients to large supermarkets, factories and transport companies. I support with auditing both national and global companies along with some FTSE 100 and 350 companies. Technology has transformed Assurance over the last few years which removes some of my longer repetitive tasks and replaces them with new high-tech systems, analysers and workspaces.

What surprised me most was how friendly everybody was. The EY office in Hull is smaller, especially compared to London offices, which I love. This means we interact with the senior leadership staff daily, which in some offices you might not get the opportunity to do so often. Everyone at every level is super friendly and helpful.

First day

I felt part of the team straight away. I had already met many of my new colleagues as we were invited to connect before our start date. This meant our transition into working life was smooth and we were made to feel very welcome.

Career development

You progress with more responsibilities, more complex and challenging tasks, more interaction with the client and the opportunity to coach. I am looking forward to progressing within EY, the new opportunities that different levels and jobs will give me along with passing all my exams and becoming a qualified chartered accountant. Having a role in Assurance within a global company on your CV opens so many doors to your career. Becoming a fully qualified chartered accountant within 4-5 years of joining sets you up to do most things in finance in the wider market.


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From attending Discover EY in London to the EY Business Academy in Edinburgh, Izzy found her home at EY in Hull on the Assurance apprenticeship programme and is excited for her career progression.

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