UK & Ireland Environmental Objectives and Targets

We recognise our obligation to mitigate our environmental impact as much as possible, so we continuously challenge ourselves to improve the sustainability of our operations.

EY will establish a global framework to accelerate the adoption of leading environmental practices across our organisation, which we expect to be published during 2019.

In addition, the UK firm sets local environmental objectives and targets focused on minimising our most significant environmental impacts. Our objectives for FY2019 are to:

  • demonstrate year-on-year reductions in utilities consumption
  • maximise the procurement of electricity from renewable sources
  • minimise the volume of waste generated
  • maximise landfill diversion rates and waste recycling
  • seek ways to promote environmental sustainability and enhance our people’s engagement.
Raindrop reasting on leaf

We set specific environment targets annually which focus on our key environmental aspects and support our objectives.

Our environmental targets for FY2019 are:


  • Reduce total energy (kWh) consumed by 5% per m2 (compared to base year FY2018)
  • Procure 100% of energy (electricity and gas) from renewable sources (where consumed in EY controlled buildings and appropriate ‘green’ tariffs are available to purchase from energy suppliers).

Waste generation

  • Reduce waste generated per head by 20% (base year FY15) by FY20.

Waste management 

  • Aim to send zero to landfill and maximise waste recycling rates.

Business travel

  • Ensure our GHG emissions from business travel (CO2e kg) grow at a lower % rate than our revenue growth (i.e. that we are travelling more efficiently in terms of our ability to generate revenues per kilometre travelled).


  • Active management of water consumption in EY offices where we have direct responsibility for its use.

Engaging our people

  • Conduct a programme of communications and engagement events to raise our people’s awareness, encourage behavioural change and contribute to achieving our UKI environmental targets
  • Increase the 2019 EY Global People Survey (GPS) UK&I favourable engagement score on environmental sustainability by 10% (compared to 2017 results).