UK finalist 2021

Dr. Guy Braverman and Dr. Allen Hanouka

Joint CEOs and Co-Founders, GAMA Healthcare

GAMA Healthcare didn’t begin as a business; it was two doctors trying to help prevent the spread of infection in hospitals, an issue which creates a tremendous human and financial cost worldwide.

Since 2004, Guy and Allen’s GAMA Healthcare has been an innovator in the field, starting with Clinell Universal Wipes which revolutionized the way cleaning and disinfection of ‘surfaces’ is done in hospitals, particularly of repeatedly used devices such as stethoscopes. Traditionally, health-care workers had faced a time-consuming two-step or two-product process for cleaning and then disinfecting. Clinell’s patented blend of disinfectants has changed practice and is proven to reduce acquisition rates of MRSA, saving lives.

Success has helped drive Guy and Allen’s innovation-led business grow continuously for 17 years, generating annual revenues of over £120mn, employing over 260 people and serving over 70 markets worldwide. The business continues to expand into veterinary, dentistry, pharmacy and hospitality channels. 

Knowing that we help save and improve lives has always kept us centred, focussed, and driven to succeed. Most importantly, it has helped us build trusting relationships with our customers as they have seen us time and time again do the right thing by them.
Dr. Guy Braverman and Dr. Allen Hanouka
Joint CEOs and Co-Founders , GAMA Healthcare

Guy and Allen’s entrepreneurial journey is about meaningful goals, ambitious expansion, and inspiring and attracting talented people throughout their growth trajectory.