UK finalist 2020 

James Gordon

CEO, Audiotonix Group Ltd

James Gordon

James Gordon is the CEO of Audiotonix Group Ltd, a global market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of professional audio mixing consoles and ancillary products. Audiotonix provides an extensive product portfolio, with their brands addressing multiple professional end-markets with a unique range of features and applications. 

James started his love affair with ‘rock and roll’ through his father’s involvement in the music recording industry and began honing his client and technology skills during his time as a studio engineer.  This ultimately led to James working within sales at audio console company Soundtracs and, by 2007 (at the age of 34), he was leading live console pioneers, DiGiCo, as MD. 

The dynamic growth of DiGiCo brought the company to the attention of prospective buyers, but James and his team decided otherwise. In 2014, DiGiCo merged with two like-minded pro audio businesses, which led to the formation of Audiotonix and James’ current role as CEO. The Group has continued to expand with additional acquisitions, with James setting the blueprint for a unique operation within the audio creation technology sector.   

James describes himself as a rare blend of technologist, commercial entrepreneur and a people person. He has defined and developed a business that harnesses a group of fast-paced technology companies, but still retains each of the unique passions, culture and innovations that drive their individual brands.     

Also fundamental to James’ approach is “if it isn’t fun then we shouldn’t be doing it”. Even when there are tough calls to make, he keeps everyone focused on what counts.