UK finalist 2021

Vashi Dominguez

CEO and Founder, Vashi Diamond Manufacturers Ltd

Challenging a century-old business model and delivering a vision of scalability has been Vashi’s mission. His entrepreneurial spirit has transformed the traditional fine jewellery purchasing process. Vashi created a customer experience led concept that enables customers to cocreate their dream jewellery with expert designers and craftsmen in aspirational stores.

Since founding VASHI as an online operation in 2007, Vashi has built a business of seven UK stores with global customer appeal, and in 2022, opens its first New York store. This is just a prelude to opening in Japan in 2024, and an ambitious rollout target of 200 stores in 15 countries in the near future.

Being an entrepreneur is about being adaptable and embracing change. Fall eight times, get up nine. It’s also about embracing and respecting the unique needs, perspectives and potential of everyone of our team members.
Vashi Dominguez
Founder and CEO, Vashi Diamond Manufacturers Ltd

Vashi’s willingness to over-invest in people and to truly back innovative thinking has delivered a proven track record of long-term sustainable results.

VASHI is a business that makes jewellery buying an ‘experience’ by bringing to life a passionate belief that ‘something you made means more than something you bought’. The vision is to become the number one bespoke jewellery company in the world.