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London is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, with an incredible mix of commerce, culture and people. We contribute to this vibrant economy by helping our clients achieve their business growth objectives and supporting entrepreneurship.

Caroline Artis

EY UK London Senior Partner and Market Leader

Passionate about entrepreneurs, family businesses and global companies. Helping to position London as an attractive and competitive global city to live, work and play. All sports and family.

Caroline is a Senior Partner for London and is responsible for delivering a full range of market services to EY’s clients located within the M25. She has built her career within professional services for over 27 years.

Caroline is the Office Managing Partner for More London Place and a Global Client Service Partner on five FTSE 250 clients including significant transport and automotive businesses as well as business services.

Caroline works closely with several business focused organisations to deliver research and thought leadership to support campaigns to make London the best city in the world to do business.

How Caroline is building a better working world

Caroline leads the EY Environment Group, ‘Eco Innovators’. The team achieved the milestone of removing seven million single-use plastic items from EY's UK offices.

She is an active speaker on diversity and inclusiveness, believing that a diverse workforce is a commercial imperative for business success and mentors women within EY and at other companies, including well known charities.

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